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101 in 1001

So here’s the deal… 101 goals accomplished in 1001 days. (See Day Zero) Big, small, huge, difficult, simple, all measurable and achievable and designed to help you grow. Dream big, do big. It’s daunting just to create the list. And publishing it here is giving me butterflies in my stomach.

But here’s the thing, when was the last time we focused on the big stuff and a long term plan? When we’re in school we just want to finish. As adults we may have goals about our retirement savings or our careers. But when was the last time you sat down and looked at what you really love to do? What you really want to do? Who you really want to be?

I have had the most wonderful time creating my list! Jodie thinks there’s no way I’ll actually get to take the sabbatical that’s on the list (#21) because there’s so much on the list that I’m going to be really busy. But really, some of the items are very small (#60) and some are admittedly huge (#17) and some have been goals for a long time (#8). Some of the items I hope will make me a better person (#98) and some I hope will make the world a better place in the very little ways that become huge when added together (#33). And one item on the list celebrates the idea that there may be such a thing as true altruism (#88).

The things I love are on there… chocolate (#50), wine (#54), travel (#16), family (#84). And the things I want to love (#30). And things I’ve wanted to do for a long time (#85). It’s about more than just business (#91). It’s about life (#70) and love (#68) and the reasons we do what we do every day (#101).

Make a list! Celebrate your list! Make lists with the people you love. Grow. And I’ll keep you posted on mine…

1. Travel to Francecomplete 3.1.08
2. Paint the bedroom
3. Teach a workshop — complete 2.10.09
4. Publish photographs — complete 2.19.08 Brides Colorado Spring/Summer 2008 and Rangefinder May 2008!
5. Enter competitive prints — complete 1.20.09
6. Photograph in Europe — complete 3.4.08
7. Photograph a wedding in Italy
8. Walk the Camino
9. Donate photography to an auction — complete 4.22.09
10. Reorganize my office — complete 6.25.08
11. Put a bathroom in the basement
12. Shoot medium format film again — complete 11.28.08
13. Launch ‘undone’ — complete 1.3.08
14. Launch ‘unreal’
15. Learn to make a stellar cheese soufflé
16. Travel to Italy with Jodie
17. Write/photograph a book
18. Publish and sell a book
19. Publish and sell a calendar
20. Speak at a conference
21. Take a minimum one month sabbatical
22. Organized the garage — complete 8.26.08
23. Publish 101 in 1001 list on the blog — complete 1.1.08
24. Blog every week in 2008 — 20/52 complete
25. Bake a cake from scratch
26. Bake a pie
27. Organize the pantry — complete 1.2.08
28. Read a non-work book — complete 9.1.08
29. Pare down my wardrobe to just the essentials — complete 2.1.09
30. Learn yoga — completed first class 2.7.08
31. Go on a silent retreat
32. Make one recipe from one of my cookbooks — complete 2.14.09
33. Travel to a foreign country to photograph for a charity
34. Clean off the fridge — complete 1.7.08
35. Make a solarplate print of one of my photographs
36. Take a solar plate workshop
37. Take a workshop with a photographer I admire — complete 1.31.08 with Jesh de Rox
38. Clean out the closet — complete 2.1.09
39. Drape the bedroom walls
40. Read an epic novel
41. Watch a foreign film in a foreign country — complete 3.10.08 Blame it on Fidel in Ireland
42. Contribute to the dream house fund every week — 37/52 complete
43. Harvest my own lavender — complete 10.1.08
44. Take at least one day off (really off) every week in 2008 — 37/52 complete
45. Learn to make Polaroid transfer prints — complete 1.19.09
46. Create something photographers need an give it away — complete 5.14.08
47. Launch new wedding site — complete 9.11.08
48. Learn to use Pages templates — complete 4.9.08
49. Finish a needlepoint project
50. Go to an artisanal chocolate tasting
51. Make portraits of an artist
52. Make portraits of an author
53. Make portraits of a chef
54. Make portraits of a winemaker
55. Make portraits of a chocolatier
56. Make portraits of a jewelry designer — complete 4.9.08
57. Go horseback riding
58. Take a cooking class
59. Take a tap class
60. Put flowers I’ve grown on the dinner table
61. Throw a dinner party with all the accoutrement
62. Silver gilt something
63. Photograph my parents — complete 6.25.08
64. Photograph Jodie’s parents
65. Learn enough Castilian Spanish to get along while walking the Camino
66. Make a pillow with the embroidered ribbons from our wedding
67. Make our wedding album
68. Do a photobooth photostrip with Jodie for our anniversary in 2008 — complete 12.20.08
69. Do a photobooth photostrip with Jodie for our anniversary in 2009
70. Take a vacation with Lisa
71. Join a bookclub
72. Take a photosafari road trip
73. Mentor a novice photographer
74. Crochet my own snowflakes
75. Show my photography in a solo show
76. Photograph a wedding in the UK
77. Spend the whole day at the spa
78. Begin working with a mentor
79. Have a prom! (for the big birthday)
80. Photograph a wedding in Spain
81. Go to Wimbledon
82. Write and publish a magazine article
83. Read a book a month for my photography business for six months straight — 6/6 complete!
84. Publish the interviews with my late Granny for my family
85. Go to the opera in an over the top dress
86. Sleep in — complete 9.4.08
87. Sing out loud in public
88. Do something for nothing for someone else and don’t tell anyone what it was – complete ;)
89. Take a wild girls weekend
90. Photograph in Santa Fe
91. Expand my business to a European city — complete 4.1.08
92. Go paragliding
93. Leave the TV off completely for a week
94. Write a letter to Gregory Colbert
95. Have amazing portraits made by a photographer I adore — complete 4.17.08
96. Relaunch ‘unleashed’ — complete 4.24.09
97. Have a huge canvas print made — complete 11.6.08
98. Write a thank you note every week for three months
99. Find a group of people to play Rummikub with
100. Lose ten pounds
101. Make sure that the people in my life know that I love them (Yes, it’s a fuzzy goal and not measurable, but it’s the most important thing I could possibly think of with which to end this list.)

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January 2, 2008 - 10:11 pm

Gino Siller - Hey Paige!!! That 101 list seems quite the popular thing lately. I might have to jump on the bandwagon!!! You mentioned rummikube, my wife and I love that game. I didn’t know anyone else really played it. If you ever want to get a game going, we’re in!!! See you soon.

January 7, 2008 - 10:34 pm

rj kern - waaaaay to go, girl! they say if you shoot for the stars and miss, at least you’ll land on the moon! We’ll you won’t miss the moon, so go for those stars!! be well in 2008! r. j.

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