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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Katie & Allen… unbridal

One of my favorite things about destination weddings is unbridals. We almost always do a shoot that takes advantage of the terrific location. For Katie & Allen that meant the beach… and oh my goodness did they ever embrace the romance of it! We were completely soaked by the end, me too, but it was...

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Katie & Allen got married!

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again and again and again… I looooooooove photographing weddings! Every time I’m fortunate enough to be invited to do so I feel the need to pinch myself. It’s just the most wonderful thing in the world. With Katie & Allen it was even a bit...

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Helzberg Diamonds & Susan Helmich Anderson

So a little over a month ago I got a call from Tracie at Helzberg Diamonds in Kansas City and I admit that I had a moment of ‘good heavens, why are they calling me?’ What she called with was an incredible invitation. They were promoting a new line of angels and needed a photographer...

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We’re on TTD and DBUI!

So this just keeps getting cooler. I can’t begin to describe how fortunate I feel. Eleven beautiful women who are also terrific photographers joined me in Vegas for an amazing unbridal shoot. They helped me make the impossible happen. Not only did the photos end up featured in Rangefinder, but now they’re on Don’t Box...

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