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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Jenna & Matt… sneak peek

I cry at weddings. I didn’t before I started photographing them. There’s just something about really getting to know the bride and groom and their families and their love stories that gets way down into my heart. And sometimes I cry when I’m working on the photos too. That happened when I saw these...

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Mary & Jon… happy anniversary!

Tell us your favorite thing about your wedding… Our favorite thing about our wedding was getting married-everything else was just fluff!
What was your favorite wedding photo? Our favorite wedding photo is the pic of us at the entry of the barn kissing with the best man and maid of honor in the background-you took...

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Lilly & Xerxes… got married!

It was like watching a fairy emerge from the forest… Lilly & Xerxes’s wedding was just magical and so perfectly them. The ceremony included children dancing around the maypole, Lilly’s mom handmade terrific little folded books for all of the guests (I cherish mine!), and their first dance… wow.
Lilly & Xerxes traveled Argentina last year,...

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Nikki & Matt… sneak peek

It was hot, really hot, and Nikki was stunning and glowy and just the most gorgeous bride… like the heat never touched her! She was just floating on air. And Matt was as cool as a cucumber. Calmest groom I’ve ever met. And their families! I looove midwesterners. Just the nicest people ever. Put it...

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