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Monthly Archives: February 2009

dog love… the update

Whew! And wow! What a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day! There was fur everywhere and love everywhere and we even celebrated Abby’s birthday with fancy chicken treats! I know it’s a lot of exclamation points, but I just don’t know when I’ve had this much fun.
Here’s the sneak peek as promised. Not everyone is...

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Nolan… is just six weeks old

I love Nolan’s big sisters. They’re just two of my favorite little girls. Well now there’s a beautiful boy in the family to balance things out a bit. And he’s just exactly the charmer to live up to his big sisters!

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Morgan… is brand new

I love being able to return to a family. When I first photographed Ella she was celebrating her first birthday. Well now she’s very, very two years old and welcoming her baby sister Morgan… Who is about the sweetest little muffin ever! Look out MJ. You’re going to need to guard the house when these...

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Zack’s Video… watch this

Everyone, almost literally, has been talking about this video. Now I know why. I met Zack for just a day a few years ago. In a moment you know that his soul doesn’t fit in his body, that his heart is too big for an average chest. And he keeps giving it to all of...

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