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Artisanal chocolate. My amazing husband. Wedding photography. My passport, great wine, fabulous shoes… and not always in that order… I am blessed to have incredible loves in my life. Some of them deep and abiding and some that just keep me giggling and celebrating every day. But all of them fill my life more than I could ever have imagined.

I started as a photographer more than ten years ago and I learned the old way with film and slide emulsions. There was no digital and you had to nail everything the first time. I was fortunate to travel extensively and photograph. My work was chosen for gallery exhibition and publication and I thought I had everything I could want from it. And then I was invited to photograph a wedding… and the world exploded in a wild kaleidoscope of emotion.

As one of my favorite four-year-old friends would say, I love, love, love… photographing weddings. They’re amazing. Everywhere you turn there is so much love and emotion and wonderment at the joining of two lives together. I believe that there is nothing better than being asked to step into the priceless moment when two families become one. It is an honor, a pleasure, and a sacred responsibility to photograph a wedding.

I believe that every day is priceless and none more so than your wedding. I believe every day should have chocolate and love. I believe that for every day our lives there is no day but today.

Mille bisous!

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(First anniversary photobooth photostrip by Lucky Strike bowling lanes.)