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Denver Dog Photographer… Meet Shep…

Shep the wonder dog… the Malamute puppy, indiscriminate eater, crazy fast, chew on everything… wonder pup! I’m always touched when other photographers choose me to photograph for them. And Chris & Katie, well they are stunningly talented. Such a treat to photograph for them. And boy do they have their hands full with this adorable...

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Denver Dog Photographer… Mattie & Madeleine

Fur! I love fur. There’s nothing better on a cold day than warm fur and a wet nose. Mattie (dear, sweet, old Mattie), and Madeleine (crazy, little Madeleine) are the best of buddies…
Mille bisous!

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I never do this… but come on and vote!

Truly, I never do this. But when this contest came up I had an idea playing off of two classic photos for artistic inspiration. (One of which was this shot of Jim Henson and the Muppets.) I loooove the dog photography side of my business. Dogs are where I started more than ten years ago...

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