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Sasha is three! (Denver Kid Photography)

I love getting to see the same amazing kids year after year. Watching a child’s personality blossom on film is an incredible journey. And Sasha is growing into a whirling dervish of energy!

Copyright 2009 Paige Elizabeth, Colorado Wedding Photographer, Denver Dog Photographer

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Colton’s Smash Cake… sneak peek (Parker Baby Photography)

Tee hee. I’m sitting here giggling and giggling and giggling. For Colton’s first birthday his fabulous mommy brought her guys to the park with a bright blue smash cake. It was about the most adorable thing ever! I’m happy to present a sneak peek of Colton’s first birthday… before, during, and after…

Copyright 2009 Paige Elizabeth,...

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Nolan… is just six weeks old

I love Nolan’s big sisters. They’re just two of my favorite little girls. Well now there’s a beautiful boy in the family to balance things out a bit. And he’s just exactly the charmer to live up to his big sisters!

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