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Go to the new blog!

For anyone who is still lingering over here…
Go to the new blog!!!!
or here:
(All the new exciting stuff is over there…)

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Denver Boudoir Photographer… undone boudoir is here!

At last! I’m sure it’s nothing like bringing a child into the world… as I’m sure my friends who are mothers would very quickly (and sternly) remind me but… every time you launch a new venture and a web site and all the other goodies that come along with it… it feels like sending your...

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Undone… (Denver boudoir photography)

This is all I can show you.
Believe me, I am just dying to show you more!!!! But I can’t. This incredible shoot is a surprise for a very, very, very lucky groom who will receive boudoir photos of his beautiful bride as a gift from her on their wedding day. His own little black book...

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MHP gets undone… the boudoir class

I have to start with this image because I am so ridiculously in love with it…

Wow, did we ever have fun! The wonderful folks at Mile High Photographers invited me to come in and teach a boudoir class for a small group of members and I can’t begin to describe what a blast it was....

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