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For anyone who is still lingering over here…
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Chloe loves Paris (Denver Dog Photography)

Chloe clearly adores Paris. Her mom, Paris, that is. Although I’m quite certain that given the opportunity Chloe would take Paris, the city, by storm. She’s got just enough pug sass to charm anyone she meets coupled with the chutzpah of a stroke survivor and legs that will take off down a park path faster...

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Rose… unleahsed

I love San Francisco. Any excuse at all gets me there. Miss Rose (and a terrific afternoon out on the sailboat) was the best excuse yet! Ten weeks old and she’s all wobbly legs and energy. She was everywhere and a ball of fire… right up until her puppy social play date at which point...

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Dante… unleashed

Dante’s parents need to let him go tomorrow. It’s heartbreaking, and always is, to know when it is time to let an old friend pass on. There’s no easy way to make the decision. I sit here trying to type, but feeling the love just as strongly as the loss while tears roll down my...

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